Tune UP your mazda RX8 - best deal kit
Mazda RX8 Eibach pro kit suspension upgrade

RX8 huge caravan

February 22, 2009

Nice RX-8 burnout

Mazda RX8 vs 4.0l V6 Mustang

February 17, 2009

Drag race between RX8 231 HP and V6 Mustang 250 HP

Japan old driver doing record on Laguna Seca track

February 11, 2009

The Mazda RX8 doing a hotlap around Laguna Seca in a segment in Best Motoring. Gan-san is at the wheel so he’s pro, doing some perfect ‘Heel-toe-shifts‘. Enjoy the video.

Mazda RX8 worldwide awards

February 11, 2009

List of awards for the mazda RX8. This clearly shows what a great machine the mazda RX8 is :

2005 - U.K. Best Sporting Car Fleet Magazine
2005 - U.K. Car of the Year 2005 (Best Coupe) What Car ?
2004 -  Australia Car Of The Year 2003 Wheels Magazine
2004 - Hungary Playboy Car of the Year 2004 Playboy
2004 - Iceland Car of the year 2004: Sports car category Union of car journalists in Iceland
2004 - Japan Golden Clay Trophy - Japan Car Design Award Car Styling
2004 - New Zealand Car of the Year Driver Magazine
2004 - Singapore Car of the Year 2004/2005 Coupe of the Year Wheels Asia
2004 - Singapore Car of the Year 2004/2005 Grand Winner Wheels Asia
2004 - U.K. Coupe Car of the Year BBC Top Gear
2004 - U.K. Car of the Year 2004 (Best Coupe) What Car ?
2004 - U.S.A. All Star, Best Coupe Automobile Magazine
2004 - U.S.A. Best Sports Car CNN money
2003 - Australia Best Sports Car under $57,000 (Australia’s Best Cars Awards) Australia’s Best Cars Awards
2003 - Australia Queensland Car Of The Year award The Courier-Mail
2003 - Canada Best New Sports/Performance Vehicle (Canadian Car of the Year Award) Automobile Journalists Association of Canada (AJAC)
2003 - Japan Car of The Year Car Top
2003 - Japan Japan Automobile Hall of Fame: 2004 Most Excellent Developer Award Committee of Japan Automobile Hall of Fame (JAHFA)

Indoor sound of the K&N typhoon air intake

February 9, 2009

Mazda RX8 indoor exhaust sound

Flyby sound of K&N intake on mazda RX8

February 9, 2009

Flyby sound of the K&N intake

Revving with the K&N intake

RX8 equipped with K&N typhoon doing donuts

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Mazda RX8 K&N intake sound from interior

February 9, 2009

K&N intake sound test on mazda rx8. only intake, otherwise stock.

City driving with the mazda RX8 K&N intake

Rx8 with RE-exaust system & RE-manifold & K&N Typhoon air intake

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RX8 with K&N air intake. Sound from the engine bay

February 9, 2009

K&N Typhoon on my 06 RX8

RX-8 K&N intake, AP pulleys, Exoticspeed exhaust PT1

K&N air intake version 2

BUY RX8 K&N intake from here

RX8 with K&N intake. Sound from the exhaust

February 9, 2009

Mazda RX8 with k&n typhoon induction kit & catback 2.5 inch mid pipe into 3.5 inch tail piece.

BUY RX8 K&N intake from here

Various RX8 with tuning body kits

February 8, 2009

Video showing various RX8 with tuning body kits

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