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Greddy Turbo Kit FAQ

May 28, 2010

With the recent deluge of Greddy turbo kit questions, installations, add on’s, etc… I am going to create a dedicated F.A.Q. that will try to answer all of the Greddy kit questions that anyone could possibly have who isn’t familiar with it. I want everyone to list all the questions and answers to this that they can think of so I can compile it all into one thread. Please post your question along with the answer (assuming you know it). When I add it to the new thread, I will delete the message here so we don’t take crazy amounts of space in the process. The new F.A.Q. thread will be a locked thread so it doesn’t get innundated with 1800+ responses. Because of these, we need to get all of the questions listed here first. Help me out guys. This is for a new thread that will make it easier for new people to get their questions answered. Once I feel this thread is no longer making any progress, I will delete it an any further additions will need to be PM’d to me. Please take a few minutes to help out but keep the chit chat with others out of this thread. Questions and answers only please. This is only for their turbo system, not the eManage, intake, exhausts, etc… Thanks!

1. What is included? The turbo, emanage, piping, brackets, etc. No BOV, but you can purchase one separate. Everything necessary to put the turbo on and start driving is included.

2. What additional items are recommended? Blow off valve and boost gauge as minimums.

3. What additional items are nice to have?

4. What problems have people experienced? What are the probable causes and remedies?

5. What has been done to the eManage to make it work with our cars? How many versions and when were they released?

6. Can’t you reprogram the eManage map?

7. What software do you need to use to load/tune maps?

8. What are the different maps available? What do they do and how were they changed from previous versions?

9. What’s a typical install time? Typical install time is around 10-12 hours. It may be possible to do it faster or it may take longer.

10. What are typical installation labor rates? Between $1000-$1200

11. What else should I know about this kit or turbos in general?

12. What type of turbo does the kit use?

13. How much boost does it provide? The greddy kit’s boost varies depending on RPM. At low RPM it boosts 7 psi at high rpm it cuts back to 5 psi to avoid detonation.

14. Will my gas mileage be effected by the turbo? Yes. Typically since a turbo is a restriction in the exhaust, you will lose a little efficiency. Typically around 1 mpg if your driving habits stay the same. It will get worse if you floor it everywhere which you are likely to do since it is now much more fun. Strangely enough, some have reported an increase in mileage on the RX-8. go figure?

15. How much boost can the base kit handle? While no one knows for sure but Greddy, it is believed to be about 9-10 psi.

16. Will adding a turbo affect the long term reliability of the car?

17. Do I need to build up the internals of the engine to handle the boost?

18. What air/fuel ratios does the kit run?

19.What is the safest/most reliable afr that gets the best HP?

20. What octane fuel is recommended with forced induction?

21. Can I use a high flow cat or straight pipe with forced induction?

22. Will forced induction void my vehicle’s factory warranty? YES

Credits to rotarygod from rx8club.com

Comparison stock exhaust vs greddy exhaust

May 6, 2010

Comparison between two types of exhaust pipes for the mazda RX8: stock and Greddy SP2

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May 6, 2010

New shiny  body after an exterior detailing job: