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Mazda RX8 Eibach pro kit suspension upgrade

Mazda RX8 Stability Control Demonstration

October 27, 2008

A motorguru.com video review that is showing the RX8 stability with the DSC feature being OFF or ON. The rx8 can perform some nice slaloms and donuts drifting fairly easy.

2009 Mazda RX-8 R3 - CNET review

October 25, 2008

CNET tested the 2009 Mazda RX8 R3 Edition on the road

Fifth Gear review - Nissan 350z vs mazda RX8 R3

October 21, 2008

Fifth gear tested the new Nissan 350z versus the 2009 brand new Mazda RX8 R3 version. The R3 is a special edition of the RX8 with 19″ forged wheels, Recaro seats, rear spoiler and a special bodykit.

Mazda Rx8 R3 : 231 BHP 1.3l rotary engine
Nissan 350Z: 309 BHP 3.5l conventional non-turbo engine

Despide the fact that the 350Z has almost 80 more BHP, it finishes with just 1.8s ahead of the mazda. In my opinion the rx8 r3 could have even won, if the track had more tight bends, so that the difference in power of the nissan to count for nothing.

It’s too bad that the mazda engineers havent added more power to the new 2009 version of the rx8, because Nissan has continously increased the power of the 350z during the last years, but i guess this issue can be solved with a turbo kit, air intake and new exhaust.

Mazda RX8 vs Alfa Romeo GTV6

October 19, 2008

Fifth gear tests the rx8 in comparison with the alfa romeo GT V6. Though the Alfa Gt has 240 bhp, 9 more than the mazda, the Rx8 wins because of the low weight and rear wheel drive.

Rotary Reborn review about Mazda RX-8

October 19, 2008

A full complete review about the mazda rx8 . Watch the six videos of this interesting review that tests rx8 handling, space, acceleration and braking times , and many more. In the following videos the RX8 is compared against the bmw 330i coupe, nissan skyline coupe, honda S2000, nissan 350Z, mazda MX5, mazda RX7 .

Rx8 - the car that’s fun to drive with enough room for the family

Rotary Reborn 1/6 - Mazda RX-8 Impression

Rotary Reborn 2/6-RX-8 vs BMW 3 series vs Infiniti G35 Coupe

Rotary Reborn 3/6 -RX-8 Gymkhana Testing

Rotary Reborn 4 of 6 - RX-7 vs RX-8

Rotary Reborn 5 of 6 - RX-8 Tsukuba Battle 1

Rotary Reborn 6 of 6 - RX-8 Tsukuba Battle

Overview: 2009 Mazda RX-8

October 19, 2008

A review about the new facelift model: 2009 mazda rx8

Mazda Rx8 vs Nissan 350Z

October 19, 2008

Some nice video reviews about the battle between the rx8 and one of it’s competitors from Japan, the nissan 350z.

The nissan has almost 60 more bhp , and obviously more torque, but its slightly heavier. Again, i prefer the mazda because of the rear suicide doors, great looks and better handling. Even though, the nissan have a conventional engine and more power, they both got the same time on the top gear track, a long with the bmw m3.

That says all about the performance of the little and light 1.3l rotary engine.

Review :

Straight line :

Drag race:

RX8 5th Gear

October 18, 2008

Fifth gear review of mazda rx8

Top Gear - Mazda RX8 - BBC

October 18, 2008

Top gear famouse presenter, Jeremy Clarkson tested the Rx8 in 2004, and nearly thought that the rx8 was the best car driven in that year. His words say everything about the Rx8:
“on the downside the styling is a bit fussy; on the upside though it’s got a great engine, it makes a great noise, it goes like stink, it’s very comfortable, it’s practical, it’s practical, it well-priced and it’s well equipped and then there is the REALLY good part…ZOOM-ZOOM”

The film above is copyright of BBC.

Auto mobil - BMW 135i vs. Mazda RX8

October 17, 2008

Auto mobil has tested bmw 135i (v6 3.0 litre turbo engine 300bhp) versus Mazda Rx8 (1.3l 231bhp). Of course the bmw wins in terms of power, but the mazda is cheaper, more fun to drive and better looking. Also the rx8 has another plus, the suicide doors feature.

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