Tune UP your mazda RX8 - best deal kit
Mazda RX8 Eibach pro kit suspension upgrade

Mazda RX8 3rd Brake Light

January 9, 2009

Upgrade your stock 3rd brake light to this super bright LED conversion kit. Includes circuit board with 64 LEDs and installation instructions.

You can buy this light kit from here

Recommended Replacement Batteries

December 9, 2008

Mazda RX8 Recommended Replacement Batteries

The following replacement batteries exceed the minimum AH and CCA specifications, fit in the holder and have the correct terminal arrangement for the RX-8. The lowest internet prices I could find are given.

Numax 005L - 60AH 525CCA - £46

Numax 088 - 68AH 505CCA - £61

VARTA ASIA dynamic 005L - 60AH 540CCA - £68

VARTA Bosch 560 098 028 Equiv - 70AH 630CCA - £74

Bosch Silver S4 026 - 70AH 630CCA - £96

Optima Redtop 35R - 44AH 730CCA - £130
(requires raising and tightening of positive terminal)

Note that the 70AH ones are slightly longer and heavier than the 60AH, which are the same size (but higher capacity) than battery fitted as standard.

Article from www.rx8ownersclub.co.uk

Touch up paint codes

November 28, 2008

These are the colour codes for RX8 touch up paint, Clearcoat denotes that clear lacquer should be applied over the colour basecoat.
Tricoat denotes that a midcoat and clear lacquer is applied over the colour basecoat.

Brilliant Black Clearcoat ….. A3F.
Lightning Yellow Clearcoat ….. A4J.
Sunlight Silver Metallic Clearcoat ….. 22V.
Strato Blue Mica Clearcoat ….. 25E.
Velocity Red Mica Tricoat ….. 27A.
Winning Blue Metallic Clearcoat ….. 27B.
Nordic Green Mica Clearcoat ….. 27C.
Titanium Grey Metallic Clearcoat ….. 29Y.
Phantom Blue Metallic Clearcoat ….. 32C. (Evolve)
Galaxy Grey Metallic Clearcoat ….. 32S.
Copper Red Mica Clearcoat ….. 32V. (Evolve)
Stormy Blue Mica Clearcoat ….. 35J
Sparkling Black Metallic Clearcoat ….. 35N (Kuro)
Crystal White Pearl Clearcoat ….. 34K (40th Anniversary)

How to install JDM Clear Corners

November 27, 2008

The next round of modification came about a year after I got the car. I am not much of one for “show” parts for cars, but in this case I decided that the clear corner marker lights on a blue car were pretty nice looking. These are the JDM parts, and I got them off eBay (new).

Comparison between the front of the Mazda and JDM parts.

Comparison between the rear of the Mazda and JDM parts.

The set I got (off eBay) came with a set of blue lights.

To get access to the corners, you need to remove the 4 fasteners shown here (you are looking up into the wheel well from the floor). Insert a phillips screwdriver and turn 1/4 turn to pop out the caps, then give them a good tug. The actual markers have a single screw and a tab (see earlier picture) to release the rear edge. The front is just slid in a slot and pulls right out.

One difference between the markers is that the JDMs have a bulge that sticks out a bit, where the Mazda ones are flush.

This is a time-lapse shot using the stock bulbs.

This is a time-lapse shot using the blue bulbs

Article from : www.gerhardstein.net

Mazda Rx8 Compression Test

November 19, 2008

Find more about the Rx8 compression test and how to perform it. To run this test you must have two special mazda service tools: 49FO-18-904 and 49-FO-18-901.

Each rotor should be tested for compression, and the final results must be compared to determine the engine condition.

Mazda Rx-8 custom seats color: blue and grey

November 11, 2008

A custom color scheme for the seats on the Rx-8: blue and grey

RX8 CarPC with gauge like the nissan GT-R

October 25, 2008

This carputer runs Centrafuse with an embedded program called DashCommand that uses obd2 interface to pull live data from the ECU and onto the screen.

Videos with the carputer gauge GT-R style

See how to build this Carputer system