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Mazda RX8 Eibach pro kit suspension upgrade

Remote Control the RX8 with an Ipod / Iphone

April 9, 2009

Quick demo of how you can access web server linked to an Arduino in a Mazda RX8 from an iPod Touch or Iphone, so it can be started, stopped, locked/unlocked, show current location shown on Google Maps, and engine parameters displayed. This is web based so the car can be controlled from basically anywhere. More info at www.geekmyride.org

Mazda RX8 InCar Entertainment System

March 10, 2009

A few entertainment toys have been installed into this RX8:
- Includes 2 DVD sunvisors with touch screen TV, MP3, photo, games etc.
- Custom centre dash install in a roller hood with sat nav and as above plus reversing camera AV input and loads of other built in bits.
- Seecode vosser bluetooth handsfree mirror.
- Custom mounted dashhawk OBDII scanner guage in ashtray.

GTR-Gauges in RX8

November 24, 2008

GTR-Gauges in RX-8 using DashCommand

GTR-Gauges in RX8 using PCMSCAN

RX8 Carputer based on OEM display

November 16, 2008

This RX8 carputer is based on the OEM display that come with the stock navi and runs with Centrafuse software. It has a transparent touch screen film attached to the front of the oem display to allow touch functionality. Other nice feature is the rear end camera when for parking.

RX8 CarPC with gauge like the nissan GT-R

October 25, 2008

This carputer runs Centrafuse with an embedded program called DashCommand that uses obd2 interface to pull live data from the ECU and onto the screen.

Videos with the carputer gauge GT-R style

See how to build this Carputer system

RX8 Camp2 gauge system from Pettit Racing UK

October 20, 2008

The following gauge system is a MUST HAVE for all RX8 owners that have the DVD navigation option on their car.

Pettit Racing UK is proud to offer an RX8 exclusive! The HKS CAMP 2 electronic gauge system is now available for RX8s. Works with either OEM satnav screens or a video screen for those with after market head units.

The CAMP 2 system taps into the RX8’s OBDII (On Board Diagnostics) port to access the array of sensors the car has on board and can show the information in a variety of ways, which the user can define. If the information supplied by the OBD port isn’t enough for the user, the CAMP 2 can interface with external sensors via the I/F expansion pack, allowing external sensors to monitor variables such as boost, oil temperature, oil pressure, external temperature etc and also display the information on the screen.

You can buy this gauge system from here :